Provera 10mg: alternative cure for prevention of breast cancer relapse and hormone specific conditions

Provera 10mgProvera 10mg is a hormone specific medicine which is used differently in various medical cultures. The active component of the drug is medroxyprogesterone. In European countries the drug is widely administered to patients after pallaitive treatment of cancer. The drug is used to prevent the relapsing cases of cancer. In other words, the treatment with Provera pills is administered to patients in order for cancer to never come back. In US medical practice the drug is used to treat other conditions as amenorrhea (sudden stop of periodic menstrual bleedings in women of child bearing age), hyperplasia of endometrium linen (a specific mucous tissue of a uterus which is a hormone dependent membrane). Another case when Provera pills are administered to patients is supplementary treatment for normalization of hormonal balance in case of receiving conjugated estrogen pills for prevention, curing of malformations in hormone dependent tissues or receiving a course of hormone replacing treatment.

Provera 10mg is a hormonal drug containing progestine. The drug affects the levels of specific hormones in the body and must not be taken without consulting your health care provider. The matter is that a rapid increase of a certain hormonal substance in the body that happens during the treatment will be tried to get compensated by the body with changes of other hormones. If Provera pills are taken without medical supervision, then the risks of hormonal imbalance are critically high. Progestine hormones are naturally produced in male and female bodies in different quantities. While the level of progesterone hormone in the male body is commonly equal during life, the female body produces various amounts of the hormone during a menstrual cycle. This hormone is essential in healthy functioning of female reproductive system.

Provera 10mg comes in pills each containing 10mg of the hormone. The medicine is available only with prescription from your consulting health care provider. You can buy Provera online and discuss the possible treatment with this medicine with your doctor. Never take hormone specific drugs without your consulting health care provider knowing about the treatment. The consequences may be severe or even lethal.

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What does Provera 10mg treats?

Provera pills are prescribed to women for prevention and treatment of hyperplasia of mucous linen of the uterus named endometrium. The drug can be administered to women who already have the condition or to female patient who are at high risk of developing the condition due to certain symptoms (the maximum endometrium thickness exceeds 28-20mm; however you must consider that the thickness of endometrium changes every day of menstrual cycle; there are certain symptoms pointing to endometrial problems; ask your doctor about possible risks of developing endometriosis and report all the symptoms you experience during a menstrual course; if the symptoms get present during several courses in a raw, then it is a direct indication to visit a doctor). Such a condition as hyperplasia of endometrium is a risky condition which may develop into cancer.

Provera pills are also administered to patients having such conditions as dysmenorrhea.

Interesting fact! The progesterone drug is also used for chemical castration of convicted sex abusers.

Provera 10mg can also be administered as contraceptive medicine. Progesterone in high dosages during the menstrual course is known to suppress ovulation which is a necessary condition to get pregnant.

Proveral pills are also a drug of choice for treatment of male patients suffering from large prostate (excessive prostatic hyperplasia). It is not a drug of first line to treat cancer, but the drug has performed excellent effectiveness in after-surgery or after-chemo therapy treatment of cancer of breast or its further prevention and control.

Buy Provera online in dosages your doctor administers to you and get recommendations for your treatment.

Provera pills in patients of risk groups.

Provera is a hormonal therapy. The pills will change the level of hormones in your body. The drug must not be taken by patients without seeing their consulting health care providers. But there are patients who should get any treatments and prescriptions with special caution. These patients are people with possible allergic reactions, pregnant and breast feeding women, kids and geriatric patients. Unfortunately, Provera in most cases is a must take medicine and your consulting health care provider may take a decision to give it to you despite possible risks. Read the next information of how to use Provera pills in certain risk groups of patients.

Provera 10m in allergic patients

Provera pills helps to minimize the risks of cancer relapse as well as treats certain hormone dependent conditions in female and male patients. In some cases it is an optimum medicine for treatment of the conditions and diseases. Allergic patients should warn consulting health care provider and get recommendations on how to take the drug.

Provera 10mg is rarely reported to provoke allergic reactions in patients. If you have ever experience allergic responses to certain drugs, then take the Provera treatment with caution. The key component is not likely to provoke allergy while additive components which are added for better absorption of the drug in the blood may perform allergy in patients.

Provera is a hormone treatment. It can not be started and terminated as you wish. That is why you must discuss with your doctor your actions if you notice the symptoms of allergic reactions. Commonly a patient will present the allergic response within the first hours of intake. Pay attention to your conditions during the first day of intake. If you will not notice any bothersome symptoms, then chances are that you will not develop allergy for this drug.

Mind that the maximum stable concentration of the hormone is reached in 10 days of regular intake. Keep in touch with your doctor in case you will notice some bothersome symptoms. Provera pills are used to correct serious conditions in the body.

Provera pills in kids

Provera must never be used in kids. A child’s body does not produce sex hormones and adding progesterone will lead to severe consequences. Moreover, children do not develop endometriosis or inflammations of endometrium, they do not develop breast or prostate cancer. Kids do not need medicines for birth control. This medication is never administered to kids, never included in the schemes of treatment of any conditions. The only exception is girls with early start of menstrual bleeding 10 years and younger. However the medical history knows only few cases which necessitated progesterone drugs for treatment.

Provera 10mg in geriatric patients

The medicine is commonly prescribed only to women entering the menopause. The matter is that with age the production of hormones in human body gets reduced. Normally we witness all hormones reduction. That is why there are rare cases of treatment of aged patients with Provera pills. However your doctor may take another decision.

Geriatric patients should be administered all the drugs with excessive caution due to certain chronic diseases. Liver and kidney dysfunctions may severely affect the effectiveness of treatment. Any drug is filtered and eliminated from the body with liver and kidneys. If these organs fail to perform well, then the body may reach critical concentration of the drug in the body. Commonly treatment of geriatric patients require correction with consideration of the chronic diseases of a patient.

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Provera pills in pregnant

Hormone drugs must not be used in pregnant patients! This drug is proven to affect the fetus. Provera pills are administered to pregnant patients only if the goods are over weigh the risks for the fetus and other conditions of a pregnant woman. Tell your doctor if you are planning pregnancy when getting prescription. Your doctor will prescribe you birth control pills to the period of treatment or will change your treatment course in a way that Provera will produce birth control effect.

Which conditions you should report to your doctor before taking Provera pills?

Some diseases and specific conditions may be contraindications to treatment with the drug. Your doctor may prescribe you the treatment despite the conditions. However extra caution is a must. Provera 10mg is a safe medicine but it is not recommended to start if the next conditions are present and their origin and causes are unknown:

  • abnormal vaginal, uterine or rectal bleedings
  • blood, vessels or heart diseases or increased risks of clot formations which boost the risks of stroke
  • breast cancer or other estrogen- or progesterone-dependent conditions
  • dysfunction of thyroid gland
  • kidney and liver dysfunctions
  • asthma

How to take Porvera 10mg properly?

When you take a box of pills of Provera 10mg you will find a patient information leaflet. The information in this leaflet may differ from what your doctor has prescribed to you. Do not change the dosage or mode of treatment (the frequency and periods of intake of the pills) as this may sufficiently affect the efficiency of treatment.

Your doctor will prescribe you exact schedule of the treatment. You should strictly keep to that schedule.

A dosage of the drug will strictly depend on the case and individual symptoms of every patient. You can not just buy Provera online and take as it is prescribed. In many cases progesterone medicines are combined with estrogens and must be taken on due days of a menstrual cycle.

Which dosage is optimum for me?

Provera pills come in dosage of 10mg. You must not split or crash a pill as this may sufficiently affect the amount of synthetic hormone you will take with the pill. The 10mg dosage is a common prescription which is a complete daily dosage. Thus you can take only one pill every day. This is much easier than taking pills at a certain schedule in due intervals of time.

Provera is not taken for a whole month. In most cases the drug is prescribed only for 10-12 days for treatment of such conditions as amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea as well as endometriosis.

A treatment can be started with 5mg, however an optimum dosage which as performed excellent effect as during studies so in real life treatment of patients is 10mg. This dosage can be taken once in a day or you can take two pills of 5mg.

You must take the drug with or without meals, with a full glass of water. What matters more is the time of intake. Provera replaces the hormone which is naturally produced in your body. The frequency and the mode of natural production of the hormone is pulsing. It is of ultimate importance to take the drug in due intervals of time. For example, you can take the drug every day at 8 p.m. You must take a pill every day at this time. Commonly, after you finish a short course of intake, a menstrual bleeding should start within the next 2-7 days. If this does not happen yo must not start another short course of treatment and you must report the case to your consulting health care provider.

When should I panic?

There may be cases when you must immediately see a doctor. Some conditions require immediate termination of the treatment. Moreover, if you buy Provera online, still you must visit doctor for getting regularly examined. Your consulting health care provider will check your endometrium (ultrasound examination), your breasts (palpation and manual check), your blood and urine (for the level of hormones).

You must immediately see a doctor in the next cases:

  • getting pregnant during the treatment – the drug may affect the fetus and thus your doctor must correct your treatment or give you instructions on withdrawal of the medicine
  • abnormal vaginal, rectal, oral, nasal bleedings
  • severe pain in abdomen area
  • if your next menstrual bleeding does not happen and you are not pregnant

buy provera onlineThese are not side effects, these are specific consequences of the treatment. In most cases there are no alternative to Provera 10mg, and only a correction o treatment ca be done to eliminate unwanted effects and reactions.

Buy provera online and read this review carefully to find out the risks of the treatment. Do not make corrections to your treatment if some facts from this review contradict the prescriptions or recommendations from your doctor.